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Information about San Carlos de Bariloche

San Carlos de Bariloche, usually known as Bariloche, is a city in the province of Rio Negro, Argentina.
The most famous lake there is called Nahuel Huapi Lake.

This regions are formed by a lot of presipitations, huge vegetation, a rich fauna, including percas,
huanacos, ├▒andues, huemules and huillines.

Tehuelche tribes from the south, the Puelche from the east and the Pehuelche from the north lived there,
until the Araucanos arrived, who used this tribes.

From more than a century there was no more information from this area, until 1872, when the naturalist
Francisco Pascancio Moreno arrived to Nahuel Huapi Lake and travelled the area. Moreno had the idea to
create a national park to protect this amazing area, being the first man to dedicate himself to study and
investigate this spectacular environment.

Carlos Wiederhold, a German seller, built the first store in 1895, the first tourist arrived in summer of 1902
and stayed at this store. The city was officially founded on May, 3, 1902; it was named San Carlos de
Bariloche, in honor of Mister Wiederhold. By 1909, there were 1,250 habitants.

In 1934, the Nahuel Huapi National Park was created. Currently, the great majority of its habitants are
descendants of Swiss, Germans, Austrians, and Italians, who came from Europe to settle in these beautiful

For many, Bariloche is a synonym of winter, snow and skiing. But there’s more: this city and its surrounding
mountains and lakes are tourist’s attractions all year long. Here, we give you a special report where we
cover all the excursions in northern Patagonia.

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But this winter some tourists could not go because airplanes could not arrive there, only a few could by bus
because of the Puyehue Volcano that dispersed the volcanic ashes on all around Bariloche and the Nahuel
Huapi Lake. This also caused animal’s and plant’s death, and more.

We have chosen this topic because of the environmental changes. Also because some of us went there and
had a lot of fun.

´´The most amazing thing I did in Bariloche was skiing. I didn’t knew how to ski so I fell lots of times when
I tried to ski. But 2 days later I could go down the mountain and I fell only 3 times !

The other most amazing thing I did in Bariloche was at the hotel where I could play lots of games. For
me it was the best hotel I went. I had a lot of fun and I want to go again.``


``I think that this place is incredible and very interesting. The landscape is beautiful, really is a adorable
place to travel. I also think that it is very interesting their culture.``

Catalina Bariloche by soleykari

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Why do we like Bariloche?

Some beautiful pictures of Bariloche

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